August  9th, 2017

Lyrics, Logic, and Lullabies' new album is a poetic beauty

Having many talents can be a very stressful thing, but the featured artist in this review speaks the very opposite. Ed Verner is a man of many talents ...

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August 6th, 2017

Lyrics Logic and Lullabies captures early '70s flavor of James Taylor and Jackson Browne

Drift of Snow may best to describe the music of singer/songwriter Ed Verner, otherwise known as Lyrics Logic and Lullabies. There's a fragile beauty to his compositions ...

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December 13th, 2016

Baby Boomer Singer Songwriter isn’t Searching or Seeking a Grammy or Looking for Fame

Delivering melodies, harmonies and lyrically driven songs, Ed Verner looks to a music passion with honesty, humility and humor. The end result and goal is neither world domination nor awards, but more so, another ear to listen, another person to download ...

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June 24th, 2014

Making the Jump from Hobbyist to Professional Songwriter, Ed Verner is Gaining Ground

Taking a passionate hobby to the next level is a real challenge that many fail, but businessman and songwriter Ed Verner is making headway, today announcing his 34th song release, “Angel of Mercy.”

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