Singer, Songwriter Ed Verner

Lyrics, Logic, and Lullabies are delivered from baby boomer singer songwriter Ed Verner.  In the voice of an author, his story telling songs move first in verse and soon grow to feel more like chapters in a book. With an undertow of a classical romantic heritage, Verner’s music often centers on a journey of fixing the broken or finding the lost. From some similar and comparative sounds of Dan Fogelberg and Marc Cohn to clear inspiration of artists such as Jackson Browne and James Taylor, Ed Verner delivers a pure and soft touch on the piano with lyrics sharing the warm confidence of long friendship. A lover of the peaceful demeanor that is a common thread between the intensely simple pleasures of riding on sail, wing, and string, Ed imbibes his firsthand experiences, together with those found in a life of people watching and listening to the stories of others,into contemporary younger songs from a salty renaissance man. 

It's very much a focal moment, a moment of decision: Am I going to wait around for an answer for something I want to know or do I leave now and give up waiting.

Ed Verner

Song writing and story telling have always been something an artist aspires to create for their audiance, a driving force behind the creativity and passion. Ed not only achieves this but excels at it throughout his music. With Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies you will experience this and we are thrilled to share it with you. 


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The Dance

"The love behind it all is much more important than what it brings out. The inspiration is greater or equal to the rut. "


Come To My Island

"Calling out a wishy washy woman who has run out of excuses "


I Did Not Mean To

"A song about thoroughly attracting someone by accident. (With a surprising bridge and guitar break in the middle) "